Remembering Munich

Munich Travel Photography English speaking

A unique photography experience for those looking for a modern take on family photography. Relax and enjoy your time together while I take you all on a short tour from your place through the city all the while capturing your family’s unique qualities.
This is a great way to memorialize your time in Munich and get great family photos.

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Check out the “Remembering Munich” slideshow. This family was leaving the city after having had both their kids born in Munich.  What a special way for the girls to remember where they were born.

5 Reasons why my travel family photography rocks!

  1. There is no stress to get out the door on time. You don’t have to meet me anywhere, I come to you.
  2. Your kids can misbehave and I will still get great photos. Kids just get to be kids.
  3. You get to feel like a rockstar when you go out on the street accompanied by your own personal family photojournalist.
  4. Since you are already together on vacation, it saves you the hassle of finding a time to do your yearly family photos.
  5. The pictures not only capture the beauty of Munich and your family right now but how your trip feels. The whole rollercoaster of it.
    The fun, love, and hard work. Imagine you and your grandchildren looking back at your time in Munich now in 30, 40 years.