Newborn Sessions

So you are expecting a new squishy baby, Congratulations! Or maybe you have one in your arms and you see that they are the most beautiful thing in the world and you are regretting not booking a newborn photography session. I do sessions that tell your story about welcoming a newborn into the family. It is a natural photography session with no posing of you or the baby. I take picture of what you and your family do with the new baby. Changing diapers, giving them a bath, trying to eat a meal, maybe taking an older sibling to the playground for some much needed outdoor play time. I strive to capture authentic family moments so I will not tell you what to wear or do while I am there. The more you just relax and go about your natural routine with your baby the better.

Why would you want to get a documentary newborn photography session?

  • You have a new squishy baby on the way and my pictures naturally capture the beauty of a new baby
  • Maybe you have other children and this is a nice time to get new family pictures taken

With a more traditional newborn shoot the pictures are about the baby. There might be 1-2 family pictures but they always look so forced to me. Everyone is probably tired and trying to dress up and put on their “we are all perfectly fine faces” and it just doesn’t work.  But there is something so easy and simple about you holding your baby at home. The images turn out beautiful. This type of session tells your story about being parents and maybe siblings to a new baby.

Check out this newborn shoot done about a month after the birth:

Are you on board? When should you do your documentary style newborn photography session?  I would suggest two alternatives.

  • First would be right away: in the hospital, the first time the sibling gets to meet their new baby brother or sister, or your first days at home together figuring it all out.  I love the moment my children first meet and wish I I had professional pictures of it.
  • Second option is 3-5 weeks after the birth. That is usually when the babies and families are starting to relax a little. The stress of having a newborn in the house is slowly fading and you are ready to get some pictures of this crazy, exhausting, beautiful time of your life. So hop on over to my contact page and let’s start talking about your family.

Contact me  These photography sessions are around 2 hours long and start at 500 euros.  If you are interested in documenting the whole first year into one beautiful album let’s talk about a unique grouping of photography sessions for you and your baby.

Munich newborn documentary photography
Munich newborn documentary photography
Munich newborn documentary photography
Munich newborn documentary photography