All about the Experience

Life goes by so fast as a parent, so booking a photography session is a chance for you to collect images of your real family life. 99% of the time at your photography session will be devoted to capturing your family doing its thing. I know it sounds a bit scary to let someone into your house and document everything! I won’t tell you what to do or wear because I do not tell you what to do or wear on a daily basis. Actually, the more authentic you are while I take the pictures, the better they will turnout. So no need to worry about a clean house, well behaved children, what everyone will wear, or making an itinerary.

Munich Documentary Family Photography

What is documentary family photography?

I would describe it as taking the practice of photojournalism and applying it to your life. A newspaper photographer documents current events in a beautiful way. I will document your family’s life the same way. I will not intervene in any way other than having fun with you while we hang out together for the day.

What to expect…

First step is to contact me so we can talk about your ideal family session. We can match what you love most about your family right now with a perfectly planned session to capture it.

At the session you relax and enjoy your family while we all hang out and have a good time. I will capture the life, love and laughter you all share.

Deciding how and what to print can be tough. It is why some people never get around to doing it at all! At your ordering appointment I will reveal all the pictures to you and we will go through them all together to pick the perfect way for you to make these pictures into family heirlooms.

Common concerns

What if my kids are utter terrors and are so horribly misbehaved, you will think I am a bad parent

Um, no way! Kids can be horrible and it is not you it is them! We try our best every day to try and make them behave but sometimes or most of the time in my case that is just not in the cards for the day.


My husband and or kids hate family pictures

Perfect, because this is not a traditional family photo shoot. They don’t have to do anything special or wear a shirt that isn’t comfy. They can go about their normal routines and I will capture what makes them special. It will not feel like a family photography session it will just be like your good friend coming over and bringing their camera.


My family is boring and there will not be moments to capture if we just do our thing

Big loud moments are not the only thing to make great pictures. Quiet moments or gentle touches between family members are just as amazing.


Is this the right time to invest in a family photo session?

Maybe we should wait another year…or until we are done having kids…This is a hard one. I debated a long time on this one and it may be what keeps you from getting family pictures done for years.  But as you make up excuses as to why this is not the right time for this investment, things change. Things are always changing with kids. Your life will not be the same in a few months as it is right now.  More of my thoughts on this here So if you are considering it, than I would say just do it, because now is just as wonderful as next year will be. Also, investing in this type of session is not just for you right now, or to share with family that might be far away. After one of these sessions your memories will be memorialized for all future generations. In my sessions I want to tell your story and have a photo album in mind while I shoot your family not just one perfect picture with everyone smiling at the camera.  Wouldn’t it be so special to look through an album of your parents or grandparents normal everyday life? It would be a photobook you and your kids would treasure. So this is a gift to all the future generations of your family.


Lastly, I make no judgements.

Actually, I marvel at how we all do this parenting thing and somehow survive. You probably think that we will never make it to bedtime and then you sit down and drink a glass of wine with your husband and think about how much you love your kids, what can you do to help them be better people tomorrow, how can you be a better mother tomorrow, boy you hope they don’t drive you as crazy tomorrow.  One more thing you can do tomorrow or right now is send me a message and let’s get talking about the favorite things your family does together and how I can capture those memories for you and your kids.