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No need to worry about what your house looks like or if you and your kids need a screen time break during the day! This is a typical morning after I drop my oldest off at preschool. I come home and have breakfast while my 2 year old gets some screen time.

Real is better than perfect!

About Abbie


My name is Abbie and I am from Delaware in the U.S.A. but currently live in Munich, Germany with my German husband and our two wild young boys. I am constantly running around with them worrying about: what they are eating, if they are being kind to others, hoping they are hitting their milestones on time, am I doing a good job raising them….the list goes on and on. After my first was born I quit working as a postdoctoral biology researcher and decided to pursue my creative side that I had ignored for too long.

One thing that I think I have covered as a mom is documenting their childhood through pictures.  However, as a mom photographer, as most moms are the designated photographer in the house, the images with me in them are few and far between.  As a family photographer, I want to capture life as it really is with all the grit and glory and of course with you in the frame too! I try to make it as easy on you as possible because really who has time for anything with young kids at home.  I would love to get to know you and your family and document some of your life through photos.  Hop on over to my contact page and send me a quick message and lets connect and figure out how to get you in those family pictures too!

Images I looked at all day as a scientist:

Images I look at all day as a photographer:

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