Me and a fellow mom and our boys ages 5,5,3, and 2 stepped off the train in Fischhausen with our hopes high for a lovely day and then complaining began.

 “Where is the lake, I can’t see it.”

“How far do we have to walk?”

“I’m tired I can’t walk this far.”

I am thinking this is going to be a long day! How are we supposed to get 5km around the lake? Thank goodness I had brought the stroller and even though I was not wanting to push 90lbs of kid around the lake all day I figured if worse came to worse I could.

Miraculously, the day took a complete 180 turn when we got to the lake which is a short 10 minute walk. 

Also during the 10 minute walk there are really beautiful views and we even stopped to say HI to some dairy cows. I had even made my sandwich for the day with cheese that was made from their milk! I was pretty excited!

There is only one BOB train an hour that goes to Fischhausen from Munich. We left the Harras train station a little after 9:00am and arrived in Fischhausen a little after 10:00am. Here is a link to the train schedule. When you enter the train in Munich you always have to make sure you are entering the correct section of the BOB train since it will split in Holzkirchen into several different trains going different directions. For this trip you must get into a section of the BOB train labeled as going to Bayrischzell.

We arrived at Fischhausen and walked down to the lake and around the west side. We followed the Seeweg signs. It is all well marked starting at the train station in Fischhausen. Here is a map of our walk, we took the 5,1km 1hour 3min walk. Not the highlighted 3,8km walk.

It took us from 10:00-3:30 to get around half the lake. There were one set of stairs during the walk that a nice stranger helped us carry up our strollers.

We had lots of stops to explore, also a stop for lunch and two swimming stops. But the kids ended up walking 98% of the way which I was surprised about since the first 10 minutes were grim.

I attribute my kids willingness to walk around the lake to having friends with us. They had fun exploring together which made the day much more enjoyable. The two 5 year olds also brought their own cameras and enjoyed taking pictures of each other and the the local wildlife.

This path also had some interesting stops besides swimming

A barefoot path
A huge xylophone made out of wood
Fun balance beams
and of course wood piles

If you have a train lover in the family, they will enjoy that most of the path follows the train tracks for the BOB train and so there are many opportunities to see the train go by very close.

This is a great hike to do in the summer with swimming stops and there is a great playground at the end which helped motivate our crew to keep going. We ended up playing at the playground in Schliersee for an hour before taking the 5-10 minute walk to catch the 16:56 BOB train back to Munich. The kids could have easily spent several hours at this playground. There is lots to do: swings, zipline, large climbing structure, and water play.

If you have kids and live in Munich I highly recommend this hike. It is a great beginners hike with the kids and is stroller friendly. If you love exploring the outdoors and are looking for a family photographer please send me a message. I would love to accompany your family exploring and capture the love and laughter you all share outside together.

Here is a picture of me my son took!

You should be in the pictures too that is where I come in!

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