3 things not to worry about during a documentary family photography session

We had a bad day yesterday. After picking up my boys from kindergarten one of them screams for the keys like they do every day. I hand them over and the 5 year old sprints up the stairs to our apartment to open the door. Usually he holds it open or goes inside. Yesterday he decides to open the door, throw the keys inside and let the door shut. Whoops, I scream of course and he is crying and apologizing. My husband is out of town for the week so I cannot wait at a playground until he comes home from work. I calm down fairly quickly when I remember our good friend a few subway stops away has one of our house keys. I call her up and we head over to pick up the keys. We end up having a bad afternoon everything that could go wrong pretty much does. This is real life as a parent. I want to remember it all.  We hugged and kissed and apologized to one another at the end of the day and vowed tomorrow would be better. I hate yelling at my kids but man they can drive me crazy some times and I just am not that cool and collected to not scream.  I wish I was! Before I had my first Day in the Life session these are the only types of days I could imagine being caught on camera. And I was afraid to let the photographer see that I do yell at my kids and things are not all peaches and sunshine in our house. But I got over it because I actually do want to remember it all, it is not easy having kids and they challenge our sanity daily.

Here are 3 things not to worry about when you book a family photography session with me

I am scared to let a stranger follow us around

It can be intimidating letting a stranger into your safe family circle for the day. I want to let you know that I am accepting of all types of families and parenting styles. You will never be judged by me actually I usually learn from the families I photograph. Each mom, dad, or grandparent brings something so special to the way they parent and I love seeing everyone’s strengths! 

My kids is shy

My friendliness extends to the kids. If a kid is nervous or shy I get down to their level and make friends with them before I ever start trying to take their pictures. Make them feel comfortable around me is my first priority when I show up. I have even meet for playdates before sessions so the kids can get familiar with me.

My husband doesn’t like pictures

Dads just get to be themselves. They don’t need to do anything special for the day and they soon relax and just go about being a dad for the day. This maybe playing with the kids or fixing their bike everything and anything is ok for one of my sessions.  I am just there to hangout and not to tell you what to do and my relaxed attitude shows everyone in the family it is ok to be yourself.

Remember it all

If you want your kids to remember that you loved them every day even the days they locked you out of the house. You want them to remember what your life was like right now and all the mess, laughter, fun and cuddles then we should talk.  You can take a million pictures of your kids but how many pictures do you have that show the love shared between you and them? After a session with me you will have lots of happy memories sealed for life in a photo for you and your kids and their kids to enjoy. Contact me here

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