Traveling Solo around Munich

Taking advantage of life and traveling is something I did so much as a young single lady. All my pictures however are of places and things and not me, as this was a time before selfies.

I did hand my camera off a fair amount to get some pictures of me too. However, it would be so nice to have some professional pictures of me traveling around the world when I was young. My kids and grand-kids to look back on some day and admire how young I looked.

 I was thrilled when this client asked me to document her time in Munich. She is going to have some great photos to show her family some day of young mom traveling the world. Hopefully inspiring another generation to see different cultures and live each day to the fullest.

If you are planning your trip to Munich, why not ask me to take some pictures of you here. Vacation photography is a great way to memorialize your trip. If you want to see examples of a couple traveling around Munich together see this blog post.

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