Munich family during documentary travel photography session

I pressed the button to the elevator yesterday and no one screamed at me! When did they stop caring so much about button pushing? I am not saying that this phase could come back but maybe it won’t and it is gone just like that. The childhood phases are so fleeting and the documentary approach to photographing is so good and capturing these moments before they are gone.

Munich kids family photography

My favorite example is my son’s “nuka” (a.k.a. – pacifier, schnuller).  He started sucking on one at 18months and I thought he would never stop. He was completely and totally addicted to his nukas!

Then in the blink of an eye at 3.5 years old he saw his friend got a tram for a schnuller fairy and boom the next day she came to our house and his complete addiction was gone.

I am so happy I have a DITL when he was still using the pacifier. I debated a long time about when to get the DITL done and this is just one of the many reasons I am so glad we had it done before he started preschool. My days were so long then and Lia Edwards captured them beautifully. If you want me to capture some of your child’s precious habits and your long days then send me an email quickly and we can get your family’s story into an album for you all to treasure for years to come.

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