An Evening with a Munich Family

documentary family photographyAside from full day in the life I think my second favorite sessions are spending the afternoon/evening with a family. It is hard not to see real life during your bedtime routines. These are something you do every day but are so special to your family. I got to photograph a fellow local Munich photographers family. We had a chill afternoon together. I photographed their normal everyday Saturday activities:

playing in the yard

natural family photography munich


tickle fights on the bed

natural family photography munich

grocery shopping

natural family photography munich


eating dinner together

natural family photography munichand bedtime.

natural family photography munich

These are the activities that are what are shaping your children’s lives and are worth remembering.  Do you remember your first family’s home? I have a bad memory and I only know what it looked like from the pictures my mom took. These pictures are all jumbled up in a big box with no order what so ever. I would love to have a beautiful album of our family on a typical Saturday. How do you want to preserve your family’s story? Contact me and I can photograph you and your family and show you that real every day is beautiful.


I am an English speaking Munich documentary and storytelling photographer ready to capture your natural, unscripted family moments.

Here is a link to a slide show of my favorites from their session.



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