I did an iPhone photography class with Abigail 2 years ago. That was the course which started to teach me about photography s and a year later I was starting the beginnings of the family photography business. I was thrilled when Abi contacted me for a family session just as I was getting my business up and running.  When we talked about her family it was clear that mornings are very special to her so she decided on doing a half-day-in-the-life from when they wake up until naptime.  Now that I am done breastfeeding, I will even do overnights at your home if you want me to catch the very early morning snuggles in bed. We spent the morning playing together, eating breakfast and going for a walk in the beautiful Westpark of Munich that is literally their back yard.



ary family photographers are trying to redefine the family portrait. It doesn’t have to be everyone smiling at the camera at sunset. A fellow photographer said her favorite memories have never happened at sunset. Here are some family portraits from their half day in the life family photography session that would go great on the wall or their yearly Christmas card!


redefining the family portrait

redefining the family portraitredefining the family portraitredefining the family portraitredefining the family portraitredefining the family portraitIf you want to remember a special time your family spends together. And get family portraits that are as unique as your family, I would love to be your photographer. I am located in Munich, Germany and you can send me a message on my contact me page or just write me an email at abbie.louise.photo@gmail.com.

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