From girly girl to boy mom: 3 Fun games for boys Family Photography Munich, Germany

Munich Family Photography Natural Pictures


As a young woman, I used to see moms who had boys and feel sorry for them. I always wanted a girl and figured every woman was the same. I have the best relationship with my mom and I wanted it to continue with me and my daughter. I, however, was given 2 sons! I love them so much and know now that I was young and naive feeling sorry for those moms of boys because being a boy mom is awesome!

I do have a younger brother so I did know somethings about bringing up boys. I thought it would be fun for you all to hear of three games that I play with my boys that I am pretty certain I would not have had to play if I was a mom of two girls.

Shooting down action figures with nerf darts. I first played this at my brother’s house with his kids and their arsenal of nerf guns. It was so much fun my son talked about it for months and still brings it up on occasion despite us playing it at our house, it was more fun at his cousins. You line up you action figures then everyone stands from one side and shoot them all down. Simple easy fun the whole family can enjoy! 😉 I’m looking at you dads.
Munich Family Photography Natural Pictures For a summer twist, try shooting them down with a water gun outside. Just make sure to not use any action figures that have electronics! We also do this in the bath tub any time of year!

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Next one winter day lead me to setting up a car ramp that we just send cars down and sees who crashes and who doesn’t. Simple, easy, fun game for young boys. Cool crashes were definitely more fun than seeing which car goes farthest.Munich Family Photography Natural Pictures
The last game is a combination of the first two. You simply line up your action figures and gather all you match box cars. Then roll the cars fast to knock down the figures. Once they are all done line them up collect all the cars and repeat.

Munich Family Photography Natural Pictures


There are no crafting sessions at my house. Painting or drawing last 5- 10 minutes with most of the time being the set up. But we can play these games for much longer. Hope you give some of them a try. They are lots of fun. I have learned that being a mom of a 2.5 and 4-year-old boys is fun albeit exhausting. If you are looking for a English speaking Photographer in Munich, Germany please get in touch. I love to capture in my photography the fun of families playing together.


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