4 Games to play with your kids when you are tired: Family Photography, Munich

Kids playing inside in Munich

I thought of this article a while ago, but finally got down to writing it this week when I am so very tired. I get horrible allergies this time of year and the anti-histamines make me feel like I have been run over by a bus. Right now the trees in Munich are in full bloom, so, what better time to pull out my arsenal of games I can play with the kids inside and not move!

1 – Making a fort in a bed -We have a bunk bed so we drape sheets on the sides and then I lay down inside the fort.  Next, you can have your kids run errands and bring you stuff. I usually lay down in the bed and make food out of the groceries they bring.  Then you run out of food and you have to send them “shopping” again. This could last a while and you are in a dark bed where you can close your eyes every time they go out of the bed to get more pretend food.  If you don’t have bunk beds then a couch fort would also work, really anywhere that you can lay down comfortably.

2 – Hide and seek – If you have young ones that don’t really get the concept yet this is the best! You can hide over and over again in the same spot. As my oldest gets better at the game I now have to move places so then I alternate between the bed under the covers and the couch under a blanket. Although that is a lot more movement than I might want at least I am getting short bits of quiet alone time.  Every second counts ladies and gentlemen!

Kids playing inside in Munich
isn’t this a good hiding spot mom
Kids playing inside in Munich
found you!

3 – Sleeping party – Maybe I am just lucky but my boys like to pretend sleep. They make “beds with sheets and pillows outside of the bedroom somewhere and then pretend to sleep and wake up over and over again…all you have to do is lay there. One down side is that all your clean sheets and pillows are on the floor somewhere else in the house. But if you need to lay down this is a great game.

Kids playing inside in Munich
playing sleep

4 – Shadow puppets – Go into the bedroom turn off all the lights but the flashlights your kids are holding. If you are laying down on a bed even better.  I only know how to do a rabbit and crocodile but this still can entertain them for a long time. Make sure everyone gets a turn making the shadow puppets.

Kids playing inside in Munich
what animal is that?

Those should hopefully get you at least part of the way through an afternoon inside when all you want to do is nap! These are also all great things to photograph. I would love to get more photos of me and my kids playing together because we really do have fun.  I was upset when writing this I had no pictures of the boys in a bed fort! Which is surprising since we build them all the time. Unfortunately, we can’t all have a personal photographer following us around.  If you want to capture the fun games you play with your kids then send me an email and we can talk!

Here they are actually sleeping and now I will too.

Kids playing inside in Munich

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