Day in the Life with The family S: Family Photography, Munich

day in the life family photography session

This was my first full day-in-the-life session in Munich and it was with a wonderful mom whom I have known since we were pregnant with our first-born sons, so about 4 years.  When we meet we just clicked which is great when you are in a foreign city, I live in Munich, and at the time I knew almost no one outside of my work colleagues and my husband’s friends.

As always, the night before I was full of excited energy but on top of that my family was still jet-lagged from our trip to my home Delaware, USA. So, at 1:00am I was hanging up laundry as my 3.5-year-old did laps around our kitchen table on his push bike. Ah the joys of parenting through jet lag…that may be a post in the future. But as any full time stay at home mom may relate to the thoughts of having a full day away from my family, whom I love dearly, I was happy to have roughly 13 hours to myself to focus on my new love, documentary family photography. And had the bonus of catching up and talking to a good friend all day long without my kids disrupting me every other sentence.

I showed up at 8am and left around 8pm. It was a day filled with family fun.  The house was all decorated for Christmas and you could feel the excitement building for the 3 year old as Christmas was approaching. I loved that they were so relaxed from the moment I got there. They were waiting for their 3 year old to wake up! Ok I know everyone take a minute to be jealous he stays in the room until they come get him! He slept until 9am that day!! I know so many parents who can’t for the life of them get their kids to sleep past 6am.  I was fun to see the excitement on the little guy’s face when the whole family was there to get him out of bed.  The family has two dogs that were the sweetest things ever. The dogs had a great time romping through the woods in the morning and that caused them to pretty much lay around the rest of the day. There was advent calendar opening, several tasty meals, a failed gingerbread house, and lots of love. This family is doing such a great job raising their two young boys. They are lucky to have such great parents.  Here are a few of my favorites below.  I am so happy these boys will be able to look back on these pictures when they are older and see how much love surrounded them when they were young.Munich family during documentary family photography session

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